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WarePlan 2.0
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Complementary of the classical packages

As a new specialized brick of the Supply Chain Execution, WAREPLAN 2.0 is now completing the classical packages of the WareHouse Information System (ERP, WMS), offering to the final customer (logistics provider, industrial) a now indispensable component: Advanced Planning and Scheduling.

A Warehouse specialization

Through a quick parametrizing, it is straightforward to describe the whole working process, and the specific resources and constraints of the Warehouse.

Designed for integration

The integration to the Warehouse Information System is done using either a SQL native or ODBC connectivity library, or an XML standard communication (EAI).

Decision Support and Resources Optimization

WAREPLAN 2.0 generates automatically an optimized planning, respecting the whole set of operational constraints: limited resources, skills, due-dates, etc.

The user can then graphically visualize, via dashboards:

  • the corresponding workload,
  • the detail of resources assignment,
  • the detailed scheduling of the activities.

Cosytec Optimization Products - Wareplan Solution - Workload Warehouse

“Real time” Monitoring

The download of the “real-time” information allows to propose, on demand, an automatic rescheduling of the activities.

Cosytec Optimization Products - Wareplan Solution - GANTTv

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