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LE JOURNAL DU NET of January  2007

France24 : an Information System set up in 8 months.

The French World News TV Channel is using a very standardised system with great emphasis on automation. Very active on the Internet, France24 has left his IT infrastructure to trusted partners ...

The Human Resources management is done with the software package OPTI-CHANNEL®

LE JOURNAL DE LA LOGISTIQUE of June 2003  info@cosytec.frReceive the paper

Chip inside, APS of second generation
The Xpress-CP's announcement simultaneously by Dash Optimization and Cosytec marks the beginning of second generation of APS. This should revolutionize Supply Chain Management systems tomorrow...

LE JOURNAL DE LA LOGISTIQUE of December 2002  info@cosytec.frReceive the paper

This is without any constraint that HARDIS, software editor of the WMS REFLEX, has signed a partnership agreement with COSYTEC, specialist of the Constraint Programming technology, for an optimal dimensioning of the warehouse resources...

LE PÔLE SCIENTIFIQUE 17th of June 2001 info@cosytec.frReceive the paper

OPTI-CHANNEL®, the first software package for the planning of resources and activities in the audiovisual business
COSYTEC is a highly specialized resource optimisation company, editor of the Constraint Programming tool CHIP, and the software package OPTI-CHANNEL® for the planning of resources and activities in the audiovisual business. The official announcement by COSYTEC of the software package OPTI-CHANNEL® for the planning of resources and activities in the audiovisual business, took place in February at the Hotel residence Maxim's...

BROADCAST 4th of April 2001 info@cosytec.frReceive the paper

COSYTEC builds audiovisual personnel planning
The Paris-based company COSYTEC has displayed last month, towards French-speaking European Audiovisual representatives, the last version of its software package OPTI-CHANNEL® for the planning of resources and activities in the audiovisual business. Already adopted in Europe by the Télévision Suisse Romande for its center in Geneva , this software is presented as a tool for resources cost control...

LA TRIBUNE 4th of April 2001   info@cosytec.frReceive the paper                                            Back to top

A software package to manage the unexpected events
Re-calculate, in a few clicks, a production planning or a new delivery tour ? An old logistician’s dream which could become a reality. “Since January 2001 (until end 2002), we are developing a logistics resources planning interface which can take into account the unexpected events”, explain Mehmet Dincbas, the chairman of COSYTEC, the software company specialized in complex problems solving...

01 INFORMATIQUE 2nd of February 2001  info@cosytec.frReceive the paper

Production plans or delivery tours re-calculated in a few minutes
In 2003, the European research project Liscos should produce a software package of advanced Supply chain Management. We are developing an interface which will help the companies to optimize their long-term Supply Chain while taking in account the short-term management of the unexpected events... And that is new. This concerns all the users and the decision-makers who consult or act on the logistical data”, explain Mehmet Dincbas, chairman of COSYTEC, a company located in the South of Paris, and specialized in solving complex problems with Constraint Programming...

LOGICIELS & SYSTEMES January 2001  info@cosytec.frReceive the paper

Castorama integrates Chronotique
Castorama, the retailing chain of “do-it-yourself”, has just bought the Time Management solution Chronotique. This tool integrates, in the same application, the management of annual working time of human resources at the strategic level, personnel planning weekly and daily at the operational level, and time and activities management on the human resources management level... The solution is built with the environnment P2 and the Constraints Engine of COSYTEC...

LE MONDE INFORMATIQUE 15th of december 2000  info@cosytec.frReceive the paper

Castorama implements Annual Working time
The transition to the 35 hours weekly worried many French companies this year. To facilitate the setup of this measures,some of them used a software package of Personnel planning. This is the case of Castorama, the DIY retailing chain, which adopted the software P/2, of Chronotique, to organize the time table of its personnel in the year, in the limit of 1600 hours, period permitted by law... The software uses the Constraint Programming engine of COSYTEC...

01 INFORMATIQUE 19th of May 2000  info@cosytec.frReceive the paper

The 35 hours relaunch the constraint programming
The 35 hours generated an activity which is going beyond the updates brought to the Pay-Roll System every time the regulation evolves. The Constraint programming software are the first beneficiary, as shown in the recent Human Resources solutions trade show.
The ARTT (amenagement et reduction du temps de travail) increases the companies’ need for planning. The problem is how controlling the annual working time and the individualisation of the working time... This is the case of Chronotique, who is using the CHIP Constraint Programming engine of COSYTEC for the management of the annual working time...

LA TRIBUNE 19th of April 2000 info@cosytec.frReceive the paper                                         Back to top

The Brussels’ Commission supports the factory of the future
The “Growth” Program, “Liscos”, “Irma” ... Brussels is concerned about the industrial innovation and invests 14,9 billion euros in the fifth Framework Program of Research and Development during 1998-2002...
Same kind of concern for the partners of the LISCOS program regrouping the German BASF, the French Peugeot and the Belgium Procter & Gamble Eurocor. “Those industrials do have the same problematic of production and logistic”, says Mehmet Dincbas, Chairman and CEO of COSYTEC, the French Software Editor of Constraint Programming. COSYTEC has just formed an alliance with the British Dash Associates, Software Editor of Linear Programming Engine, for the construction of a common Software platform. The purpose is to offer to the industry a new generation of more global Supply Chain Management Systems...

01 INFORMATIQUE 14th of April 2000 info@cosytec.frReceive the paper

Annual Working Time Management
Chronotique updates its software customer-planning and time management server P/2 with an annual working time module. Built around the Constraints Programming engine CHIP of COSYTEC, it works out from activities forecasts during one year, the weekly needs in staff by skills, while respecting the new regulation...

IEEE of February 2000 info@cosytec.frReceive the paper

(1) Constraint technology and the commercial world
Constraint technology emerged from academia in the 1990's and is making a considerable commercial impact worldwide. COSYTEC and Ilog are two of the leading companies selling constraint-programming systems. Both are based in France and both have been growing at 50% per year, but in other ways they are quite different. Mehmet Dincbas is chairman and CEO of COSYTEC who develop and deliver sophisticated applications for their clients, sell their clients, sell their CHIP constraint-programming system, and offer training and consulting services...

IEEE of February 2000   info@cosytec.frReceive the paper

(2) Constraint Handling in an Integrated Transportation Problem
Helmut Simonis, Philippe Charlier, Philip Kay
In this article, the authors describe a decision-support system for an integrated transport problem in the food industry. COSYTEC developed the system using CHIP, a constraint programming tool. The TACT program covers planning, scheduling, and resource assignment of operational fleet management. To guide and control schedule creation, the planner has integrated problem solvers in an interactive user interface. The authors present the different global constraints in the problem solvers and discuss the main benefits gained by using constraint technology in this project.

01 INFORMATIQUE 30th of April 1999  info@cosytec.frReceive the paper                            

The industrial planning boosts the optimization's tools
- The general craze for the Supply Chain Management Systems puts great emphasis on optimization tools.
- The more recent of them are using Constraint Programming techniques.
- They are able to apply to a large class of assignment and resource planning problems.
From Supply Chain Management to Human Resources management, the optimization mechanisms solves a lot of industrial and organizational problems... Constraint Programming, an efficient technique: There are a lot of real problems needing optimization: scheduling, planning, resource assignment, resource management... But it is only at the end of the 80's that appears a particularly efficient technique for solving these problems: Constraint Programming. Today, three actors are sharing the major part of this market, two French, Ilog and COSYTEC, and a British, Dash Associates, partner of COSYTEC...

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