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Orsay, February 2017

The new release includes many improvements on different levels of the CHIP system, i.e. on the kernel as well as on the modules.

Within CHIP V5.12.2, we can highlight the following new features:

  • Improving functionalities and efficiency of several built-in constraints

  • Introducing a new Global Constraint "Cover" for Activity/Resource covering and Geometric tiling applications

  • Introducing a new optimization method based on local search

  • Extending Graphics features of CHIP++ on Windows platforms

  • Extending QUIC (Database Access module) with a new native version for Oracle 12.1.0

  • Introducing a new module CNS (CHIP Network System) for communicating with other systems through different network protocols

  • Extending and improving functionalities of CSI (CHIP Solver Interface) and CHIP SYSTEM modules

  • Support of CHIP++ on Windows 10

  • Availability of CHIP C++ on MS Visual Studio 2015

To receive your new release, please contact COSYTEC Support Service.

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